Why Choose The Akycha Corp?

No matter how big or how small we will tailor solutions to your unique needs

Our team of professionals has been in the business world for many years handling human resource issues and is more than qualified to use their knowledge to assist you.

We are your HR Department down the hall but without the Overhead.

Simplifying Your HR Solutions

We take a three prong approach, which allows employers to choose their own level of service. First, we are a full service human resource management and consulting firm. Second, we are a full service broker, and will create and manage, custom employee benefit plan designs, backed by 24/7 customer service available to you and your employees. Finally, we offer full service Prevailing Wage administration to government contractors.

Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between

Pay the right amount for the job – compensation analysis

Calling the Job what it is – job descriptions

Making them an Employee – recruiting, on-boarding, orientation

Payback for good work done – benefits

Making your employees better – motivating employees, making employees better

The Capital P – problems with employees

Getting Your Employees Their Money

Quick Online payroll anytime, anywhere

Direct Deposit

Automatic Filing of Federal, State and Local Taxes

Benefits Basics and Beyond

Group Health, Dental, Disability, Vision, Life Insurance

Self-funded Plans

Retirement Options

Paid time off

401 K management

Workers’ Compensation


EEO-1 and VETS100 Reporting

Affirmative Action Plans

OFCCP Audits


ACA Reporting

How We Work For You

We take the “complicated” out of the Employee side of your business

Provide Self-Service for Basics of HR

Provide Live HR Support to Answer Your Questions

Provide In-Person On-Site HR Support

We Will Be There When You Need Us

Our Fees are Reasonable

We Respect Your Privacy

We do not place your company on a distribution list

Provide you with the tools to make HR decisions

Help to make the right business decisions to keep your business in business

We do HR efficiently without unnecessary frills and excessive cost

With Akycha Corp. you can reduce or eliminate your human resource overhead.

There is no need to search other websites as we have it all under our UMBRELLA. We are ready to assist you.

Document Resources

Access to print and download Compliance Forms (I9, W4, etc)

Access to HR Forms to help manage your day-to-day

Links to the Department of Labor in your area

How to’s, tips and thoughts on what to do about that boring HR stuff

Our informative Newsletters